About Us
About Us

About Us

Conforming to the highest standards of safety, Orange Wheels was created with various FUN ZONES — playgrounds, climbing walls, a toddler village, arts & crafts studio, salon & spa, an organic cafe, gym and small shop.

It has come a long way to become a fun-filled, one-stop indoor edutainment venue for kids in Abu Dhabi. The revolutionary concept aims at the overall development of kids through series of activities like physical play, music, dance, arts & craft. Orange Wheels is also a sought-after venue for birthday parties and field trips for the little ones - Hooray for play!


To revolutionize the ‘edutainment’ and wellbeing offerings to children and families in the region and in the globe with its unrivalled brands.


The mission is to provide the very best learning and entertaining experiences to our young and young-at-heart patrons; leveraging on our efficacious team members – a team of highly qualified professionals from around the world – chosen for their commitment to excellence and dedication.

Message from Center Manager

"As a provider of total EDUTAINMENT facilities and activities for kids. Orange Wheels is dedicated on stimulating a child's social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Our goal is to ensure that all kids must not only enjoy but learn valuable lesson and skills while making friends through social engagement and interaction. We make sure all our customer have an amazing experience that will make them say hooray for play.

Orange Wheels is a growing company, which will not be possible without the contribution of our beloved customers and dedicated team who have shared incredible journey thus so far.

In behalf of wonderful and creative people of Orange Wheels, we welcome you to our amazing play land, where you can celebrate, learn and enjoy. "



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