The 4 E’s


Orange Wheels provides an exciting play environment with stimulating, authentic play attractions that kids truly enjoy – not just another amusement facility.

Kids will have lots of fun-working themselves through a wide variety of non-violent activities following our motto of “back the roots of true honest play”. From free play, to play dates facilitated by Orange Wheels Play Mates.


Orange Wheel’s concept is completely designed to maximize interactivity – among kids between kids and adults, between kids and our state-of-the-art play and engaging offers.

Kids learn from interacting being inspired by peers and others not from passive play consumption.


Orange Wheels provides kids with a wide variety of highly structured programs and classes ranging from arts and crafts to music and personal lifestyle.

We fill the vital holes that nurseries, kindergartens, and schools leave open with customized sessions taught by world-class, child-minded experts.


Orange Wheels provides kids with a great work-out through structured gym and sports classes or by just burning their excess energy in free play throughout our ample facilities.

Hooray for Play!

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Ground Floor, Al Wahda Mall Extension
Abu Dhabi, UAE