Hooray for Play

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Ground Floor, Al Wahda Mall Extension
Abu Dhabi, UAE
From the Big Five’s

Explore a playful universe with our one-of-a-kind recreational area for the youngest of the young to the young-at-heart. Immersive and adventurous, our main playground features multi-level mazes, spiral slides, obstacle courses and 3 trampouline capsules to keep our 5-12 years active all day.

Bubs & Tots

Our small playground is a safe haven for the under 5’s. A dedicated soft play area with toddler slides, ball pools and interactive toys that come in pint sizes to entertain our little busy bees.

Towering over 15 feet of height awaits those who dare out our indoor climbing Walls. Bring out the adventurer in you and brave our walls to your limits! Offering thrilling options where you can challenge a friend, join a 2-person race or conquer the summit of our multiple themed towers.
Introducing a new spin on the traditional gymnastics center concept, The Gym is our children’s development station focusing on motor, physical, intellectual and social skills. A hippodrome where our active little clients can enjoy a great work-out through structured and movement-based fitness curriculum or by just burning their excess energy in free play throughout our ample facilities complete with padded floors and pre-school sized equipment including balance beams, swings, rings, climbing mountains and big foam pits. Supervised by our certified Gym Buffs, this area is designed to make them sweat (for a good sleep afterwards…wink!)
In The Studio, little Picasso’s are welcome to explore the world of arts and crafts. Children are encouraged to get hands on and creative as they make mementos using various mediums, colours and shapes.
For those big on role-playing, we have an entire make-believe mini-town mimicking a whole range of grown-up activities that normally fascinate children of various abilities and interests. Complete with costumes and accessories, The Village replicates real life environments that are made safe, stimulating and transforming!

Partywith us!

Make Orange Wheels the venue of your child’s most important day of the year. Throw the most effortless party with us where our Party Pros take care of every detail, from planning to execution — so you can actually be a guest to your own event! A mantra Orange Wheels strive towards is creating ‘the best and most memorable parties!’

We take learning seriously.

Orange Wheels will be offering workshops and classes to support your child’s development and learning. On offer would be a range of creative, wellness, fitness, musical and enrichment programmes for children of all ages, and for the whole family! Stay tuned to know more about our schedule of activities.